Monday, 2 January 2012

Free Eze Nwargwu and Martins Obono Now!

Joint Action Front (JAF) condemns the arrest and detention of Martins Obono and Eze Nwargwu, leaders of Youth Alliance against Petroleum Subsidy Removal today in Abuja.  We demand their immediate and unconditional release. They were arrested while armed policemen unleashed terror on peaceful protesters that had gathered to sign public petition against the callous action of Jonathan government. The event was reportedly organized by Dino Maleye, a former member of House of Representatives.
This reprehensible action which is reminiscent of the dark era of military absolutism reveals the resolve of Jonathan government to brutally muzzle and crackdown on resistance against its anti-poor policies.
JAF calls on Nigerians not to be cowed by this cowardly and desperate action of Jonathan government and therefore come enmasse to participate actively at all mass actions and other activities organized by JAF and its labour partners (NLC and TUC) starting with JAF mass action tomorrow in Lagos and Osogbo.  Nigerians must also form action committees in communities, workplaces and schools across the states against this brutal neo-liberal attack and link up with JAF.  With our resoluteness, we shall defeat this government.    

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