Friday, 28 March 2014

Photo News: JAF's Rally for the Unemployed on March 27

The Joint Action Front (JAF) on Thursday March 27 held a Rally for the Unemployed in Lagos. The protest march took off at the Civil Service Union Secretariat in Alausa and ended at Ikeja Bus Stop.  The major demands of the protest are:

. Just compensation to the families of all dead and injured applicants at the NIS interviews on March 15th; and Refund of the N1,000 collected from all the applicants and compensation for expenses incurred for the interviews.
·           Decent Work and Living Wage for ALL.
·           Unemployment Benefits for ALL Unemployed.
·      Reversal of the IMF and World Bank policies of privatisation, deregulation, commercialisation, monetisation, outsourcing, bail-out of collapsed private banks and interests with public fund, foreign debt enslavement, etc.
·           Government should have business in the socio-economic and welfare NEEDS of Nigerians.
·           Public ownership and democratic control of the economy.


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