Thursday, 5 June 2014

JAF Positions on the Boko Haram Insurgency and the State of the Nation

1)    That JAF stands totally against this latest move of imperialist military intervention to recolonise Nigeria.
2)    That the current situation is a product of the crisis of neo-colonial capitalism and economic domination.
3)    That the Nigerian ruling class, which is a class of direct agents of imperialism, is responsible for the maintenance of the neo-colonial structure, has further degenerated and as a result created more serious crises in the economic, political and social lives of the downtrodden.
4)    That based on the crisis and the social explosion that will certainly flow from it, imperialism has lost its confidence, in the ability of its agents, the Nigerian ruling class, to sustain its structure of profit and exploitation. This is the real motive that accounts for their drive to put military boots directly on the ground.
5)    The claim that they want to come and rescue our girls is nothing but a smokescreen. They always need an excuse to intervene and subjugate the masses.
6)    That the current military intervention will inevitably be exposed as their forces are primarily against the masses and to defend big business and imperialist interests.
7)    That on their agenda is the continuous imposition of IMF and World Bank policies.
8)    That it is the inherent anti-poor policies of the successive capitalist governments and the overall failure of capitalism that create the fertile ground for the emergence and growth of the right wing inspired terror in the country.
9)    That there is the urgent need for the working class and oppressed masses to build a formidable political alternative capable of providing effective leadership against the Nigerian ruling elites and their masters.
10)  That unfortunately, the leadership of Labour is not providing the needed class leadership and must be challenged to do so. We must assist the labour movement to organise the masses for political power.
11) That around the country, the masses are in revolt against the system. In Northeast Nigeria, community based defence squads have been set up by the masses to fight terrorists.
12) That the crisis plaguing the society will not subside with the presence of imperialist forces, but rather, it will get worse.
13) The key task before JAF is to stimulate the process of building the revolutionary political alternative for the Nigerian masses with a clear cut socialist program.
14) We commend the resilience and resistance of self-defence groups popularly called Civilian JTF in the Northeast in the fight against the BH insurgents. However, the Civilian JTF must be under the democratic control of the communities.
15) We urge the working people across the country to be vigilant and be prepared to defend their environment against all forms of terrorist and insurgency attacks with the formation of democratic self defence committees.
16) JAF is in solidarity with the rank and file in the military and in support of the rights of the rank and file soldiers and other armed forces to form or belong to a trade union.
17) Nigerian masses should exercise the RIGHT to Self defence in the face of the failure by the Nigerian State to protect life and property.
18) JAF urges its Labour partners and the oppressed Nigerians to join forces in working towards the emergence of a Political Alternative to the present ruling class’ political parties in pursuit of political power, with which to drive Nigeria on the path of Socialist transformation.


Dr. Oladipo Fashina                          Comrade Abiodun Aremu
JAF Chairperson                                 JAF Secretary

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