Saturday, 14 March 2015

JAF Message to NLC NEC Over Inconclusive NDC


Fraternal greetings from the Joint Action Front (JAF) We, who are your allies in the struggles for the freedom of Nigerian, African workers, and the working class all over the world ,are unhappy ,to say the least ,about the developments in the recent, inconclusive National Delegates Conference (NDC)of the Nigeria Labour Congress.
The crisis that  ensued from  last week's  NDC has generated  great  danger, apprehension and fears in all Nigerians who believe firmly that the salvation of, the people of Nigerian  workers  from the shackles of oppression  and misery­ economic political,       cultural, religious; indeed all manifestations of class oppression, lies in a united working class and its political organization
A united working class movement will Lead Nigerian's to dismantle class oppression, and other forms of oppression. This has been the ideal, the hope, the credo of the working class. It was what our heroes died fighting for: Papa Michael lmoudu, comrades Nduka Eze, SaadZungur, RajiAb,dallah, Wahab Goodluck,M.E kolagbodi, Amlnu  Kano, Mokwugo Okoye,·Gogo Chu Nzeribe, Osita Agwuna,  Abubakar Rimi, (The first political ruler to declare May Day a holiday), Hudson Momodu, Amaefula lkoro a.k.a Nehru, Alao Aka Basorun, Lasisi Osunde, S.U. Bassey, Ola Oni, Gani Fawehinmi, Bekolari Ransome Kuti, Chima Ubani (Martyrs of workers struggles). EskerToyo is still alive.,It is this ideal that has given hope to millions of Nigeria oppressed, deprive, dehumanized, the seemingly hopeless and helpless millions who suffer while  our ruling class from all ethnic nationalities from all religions, from all sexes, strive in midst of abject poverty and misery of the people. Nigerian workers and all oppressed class want to live in a country of their own where they have dignity and class power. They are the working class, the peasants farmers, the millions of unemployed men and women all over the country, the lumpen of all states, all the oppressed that can be found in all states, all ethnic groups ,all religious groups, all sexes, everywhere, everytime.
For Nigeria's ruling class, the crisis that was created by the events of last week leading as it did to the unconcluded election, is an opportunity to cripple the NLC, the organization that has defended the working class, all the poor and oppressed classes, and given hope to millions of people that Nigeria can become a powerful free model of an African country. The ruling class in Nigeria 'is being presented an opportunity, terrible and undeserved, cripple, without  resistance, a most Powerful labour movement on the African Continent. This must not be allowed to happen.
The military wing of the ruling class tried but failed to destroy the most potent labour organization but ultimately failed to destroy the working class movement.
It imposed sole administrators, a devastating structural adjustment programme (SAP) and laid the foundation for complete control of our economic and political institutions by the imperial powers.
Nigerian workers, with their allies-the students, the academia, women's organizations etc resisted and rejected the process of emasculation of Nigeria's working class movement.

We have a duty to the present, and future generations not to let the Nigerian Labour movement and the Nigeria labour Congress collapse. Our duty to future generations is to defend the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Nigeria labour movement. We should not allow the ruling class to take over the Nigeria Labour Congress. We should resist the emasculation of working class and the oppressed In Nigeria with all the might, all the history of working struggles and experience.
We should not lose what our working class national heroes died for. We should never forget       our   struggles against imperial rule, against colonialism, neo­colonialism, neo liberalism in all its open and hidden oppressive form.
We must not sacrifice the organizational base of working class struggles, the bulwark of the defence of Nigeria's working class, to ruling class parties of Whatever description. We must always separate the interests of Nigerian workers from the interests of ruling class parties. We cannot afford to sacrifice our hard won struggles and unity. The ruling class will divide us, use us and, as they have always done, continue to build alliance with the imperia lpowers in Europe and Africa, the same forces that impoverished and are impoverishing our people.The Nigeria Labour Congress has given, and should continue to give us the base for that resistance to imperial rule in the world.        ..
The National Executive Council of NLC should emerge from this meeting to {1) resist the real threat of cancerous division now facing the most powerful organization of workers {2) defend the achievements of the working class movements in the struggle for independence till today (and beyond)
{3)Here and now reject, defeat, and throw away the real threat, the clear danger of   the losing  the   hard-earned            gains   of         working           class    struggles         since

Independence, and ensure the survival of the most potent weapon for the defence of the poor, the weak and the oppressed in our country._ (4)Pledgetoworkforcorrectionofallmistakesthathavetendedtoundermine the unity and strength of the working class, which has led the struggles of the oppressed in our country.
If we leave this meeting divided the ruling class of all ethnic groups all religions will have won. The centers of imperial rule will be happy. They will move in for the kin encourage and strengthen docile labour centers. To lose the unity of the labour movement  is therefore      a          class suicide    a          historical abdication of responsibility for which generations upon generations will never forgive us. This NEC therefore must preserve our future: the future of the Nigerian people, Nigerian workers, Nigerian children and the existence of Nigeria itself.
We implore all working class leaders present to sacrifice for the survival of all oppressed classes in our country. We implore you to save the Nigeria Labour Congress and by doing so save Nigeria our country; give· hope to the people.
Keep the struggle for African freedom alive in the tradition of Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mandela, Amilcar Cabral, Eduardo .Mondi Eme, Kwame Nkrumah, Pa lmoudu, and all the freedom fighters of the Nigeria Labour movement listed at the beginning of this letter.
Let us leave this NEC united and history will do honour to the Congress, the leaders, the contestants, our Trustees, and all who make unity possible. Pa lmoudu will give a formidable nod in his grave.

A historical compromise and sacrifice from all contending forces will save the labour movement and hence Nigeria. The survival of a virile and indomitable NLC, and a principled labour movement will save Nigeria.Both are imperatives. The alternative is suicide.

A united labour movement will never be defeated.

Thank you.

·JointActionFront(JAF) February18,2015

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