Saturday, 5 May 2012

JAF's Statement on the Murder of Olaitan Oyerinde

The Murderers of Olaitan Oyerinde Must be Brought to Justice
The Barbaric Turn of Edo Politics Must be Halted
The Joint Action Front (JAF) condemns the gruesome murder of Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde, the Principal Private Secretary to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State.
We commiserate with his family, the Edo State Government, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the entire Nigerian labour movement. Until his politically motivated assassination, Comrade Olaitan who was on leave of absence in the Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s administration in Edo State was the Deputy General Secretary of the NLC.
Comrade Olaitan lived a life of struggle for the emancipation of the Nigerian masses right from his student days at the University of Lagos and in the glorious era of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). Before joining the NLC, he was an Assistant General Secretary of the Iron and Steel Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ISSSAN) and he participated in several popular struggle under the platform of Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO).
JAF strongly holds that the murder of Olaitan Oyerinde as a clear case of political assassination, which all those who cherish a humane society free from poverty, disease and illiteracy, must condemn.
JAF therefore demand that Federal Government of Nigeria, which has the responsibility for the security of life of every citizen, should track down the murderers. Government cannot convince Nigerians that it has any modicum of commitment to democratic politics so long as the murderers are not brought to justice. Edo state politics have taken an unacceptable barbaric turn which must be halted, and political violence, which is now a weapon in the hands ruling class politicians, must stop.
JAF notes that the murder of Olaitan in his bedroom came a few days after a truck had rammed into the convoy of Edo State Governor – Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and left three journalists on the press crew of the governor dead. Also recently, gunmen visited the residence of the State Commissioner for Information who was fortunate not to be around.
The descent into a state of barbarism and anarchy in Edo state is a product of insatiable greed and absolute lack of democratic values. Nigerians should always beware of, and reject exploiters masquerading as democrats. They do not respect the wishes of workers and other oppressed and can only force themselves on the people. The only way to end political barbarism is for the working people to organize and lead the struggle to end oppression and exploitation in Nigeria. This is the best way to sustain the memory of Olaitan Oyerinde and other victims of political barbarism perpetrated by Nigeria’s ruling class.

Dr. Oladipo Fashina                          Comrade Abiodun Aremu
JAF Chairperson                                JAF Secretary

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    The Muslim Congress (TMC)
    1 Thanni Olodo Street, Off Ikorodu Road, Jibowu B/Stop, Lagos
    08023462555, 08033096636
    May 14, 2012/Jumadal Thanni 23, 1433AH

    The Muslim Congress (TMC) wishes to call the attention of peace-loving Nigerians, civil activists, labour unions, NGOs and faith-based organisations to widely reported news of today on the proposed increment in electricity tariff, by 88 per cent, effective from June 1, 2012. Going by the disturbing news, it is clear that the federal government has not genuinely rescinded its agenda of fuel subsidy removal; an anti-people policy, which brought the nation to standstill early this year. It is a tactless move by the federal government, when the dust raised by the 50 percent hike in fuel price, is yet to settle. Don’t we have economists, planners and strategists in Nigeria, advising government? Can’t they see the mood in the country?
    As a responsive faith-based organisation committed to the welfare of Nigerians irrespective of creed, we feel this is rather unfortunate, heartless and a sign of betrayal of the trust the Nigerian masses reposed in government.
    It is our opinion that the proposed hike in electricity tariff by 88 per cent is a metamorphosed fuel subsidy removal. Our position is hinged on facts and figures on state of the country.
    One, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not in recession nor financially broke to warrant increase in electricity tariff, going by the huge and mouth-watering billions reported stolen by some rascals and faceless cabals, which are cases presently before EFCC. Have we forgotten the stolen N32.8 billion Police Pension Fund and another N110 million pension of retirees in the Federal Civil Service Commission?
    Two, the socio-economic wellbeing of Nigerians has not improved to warrant an upward review of utility tariff. In fact, it is deteriorating on a daily basis going by official statistics. The National Bureau of Statistics, in its 2012 report, noted that the total number of Nigerians who are unemployed stood at 14 million, as against 12 million in 2010. The body stressed that the burden of unemployment is borne heavily by youth within the age brackets of 15 -24 years and 25 - 44 years. Besides, the insurgency of Boko Haram and other politically-motivated killing are yet to be unravelled is yet to be solved. The situation in the country calls for urgent sober reflection not hike in price of electricity.
    Three, there is an on-going arrangement by Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE) to fully privatise PHCN and transfer it completely to private investors. Why is the same government proposing a new tariff regime? Why not leave the current tariff to the new buyer or buyers, whichever is applicable? They may even decide to reduce it, after all, there many nations in Europe which produce electricity so cheap, that the excess output is exported to neighbouring nations.
    On the strength of the foregoing, we urge our humble President, the Senate and the House of Representatives to intervene, before the PHCN management starts implementation of anti-people agenda. It is not impossible that the Executive and the Legislative arms of government are not aware of the proposed tariff review. If it is to pre-empt Nigerians, we say we don’t want!
    We urge the civil societies, NGOs, NLC, ASUU, TUC, The Companion, NMA, NBA, MSSN, CIO, Al-Muminaat, FOMWAN, MUSWEN, NACOMYO, Save Nigeria Group, NASFAT, Joint Action Front, CAN, PFN, QARIB, MFM, TREM, C&S, Da’wah Academy, RCCG and other groups committed to good governance not to rest on their oars, but be vigilant and caution government. We sermonise you all, because poverty once unchained, does not recognise creed or ideology!!!
    Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria! Long live the masses!


    Luqman AbdurRaheem, MNIM, AMIMC, AMIOE
    Amir, The Muslim Congress